Lotto Fabric Face Masks Blue Tech 0YV1S01

Lotto Fabric Face Masks Blue Tech 0YV1S01

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Lotto Fabric Face Masks সাবান দিয়ে সহজেই ধুয়ে জীবাণুমুক্ত করা যায়। খুব তাড়াতাড়ি শুকিয়ে যায় বলে একই মাস্ক বারবার ব্যবহার করা যায় কোন ঝামেলা ছাড়াই। এর ডিজাইন মুখের সাথে সহজেই মানিয়ে নেয়, তাই সাধারণ মাস্কের তুলনায় এর জীবাণু প্রতিরোধ করার ক্ষমতা অনেক বেশি।

Lotto Face Masks Features:

  1. WHO Standard (3-Layer Fabric Face Masks for Germs Protection)
  2. Anti-Pollution, Anti-Dust
  3. Washable and Reusable
  4. Easy Breathe
  5. Comfortable fit with Nose Point & Chin Guard
  6. Non-medical purpose only


  1. ASTM F2100 (US) & EN14683 (EU) complied in Breathing Resistance.
  2. SGS Bangladesh Tested

Lotto Fabric Face Masks Construction:

  1. 100% Polyester Fabric
  2. 145 GSM
  3. Soft Elastic Ear Loop


  1. To reduce the risk of spreading disease, any kind of return, refund and exchange of Face Masks are not allowed.
  2. The components of the face masks might not always match with the face masks illustrated on the website in terms of color, size and thickness.
  3. Color of the face masks might vary because of the display unit of the user.

Covid19 রোধে কাপড়ের তৈরী ফেস মাস্কের কার্যকারিতা জানতে পড়ুন: Centers for Disease Control (CDC), USA

General Guidelines for face masks by NDTV

Fabric Face masks are also known as non-medical masks. They should be worn by:

  • People who have no COVID-19 symptoms
  • Where COVID-19 is widespread
  • Physical distancing of at least one metre cannot be achieved
  • People who are in close contact with others such as social workers, cashiers and servers.
  • Fabric face masks must also be considered in busy settings like when travelling in public transport like buses, shared taxis, and trains, in workplaces, in grocery stores and other crowded environments, mentions the video shared by WHO.

Guidelines to follow for wearing face masks

  • The mask should fit you properly. It should cover your nose, mouth and chin.
  • The mask should neither be too loose not too tight. It should be breathable.
  • Avoid touching the outer surface of mask when outside.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water, or alcohol-based hand rub, before wearing the mask.
  • Discard single-use medical mask into a closed bin.
  • Wash fabric face mask with warm water and soap after single-time use.
  • Fabric face mask should not wet or dirty.

Don’t have time to read? No worries! Watch this video on “How to wear a face mask” by  World Health Organization (WHO)

Read more of Face Masks on


NDTV Global


Centers for Disease Control, USA






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